Baby Boy

Around 04:00 am you woke me up; it is time. Two weeks after the due date and just a few days prior, the gynaecologist turned you around, head first and ready to face the world.

Early that morning you started a process that would last 20 hours straight, but at 00.07 on Tuesday the 17th of August I was holding this tiny little baby boy. Your names carefully chosen; meaning good and noble man; and that you are.

You’d become a strong force of righteousness and always wanting to know why or how, yet gentle as a flower. You found it hard to accept “failure” or something that seemed unfair in your eyes. When you noticed bullying behaviour, you’d rush over to tell them off; no matter how big or tall they were. You didn’t even care if the bullies were adults or children.

You questioned everything in life, even God. On various occasions God spoke to you directly, and told you exactly what was on your mind and that it was okay to question things, because it’ll help you provide answers to those who were “in need to hear”.

When you were able to sit, you wanted to crawl. When you managed to crawl, you wanted to stand. Standing wasn’t good enough and when you finally forced yourself to walk, you decided you wanted to run and so on… pushing yourself forward. Always striving for progress.

Difficulties and bad decisions by the adults you met, led to disappointment and anger towards to world in which you lived, but my dear baby boy, no matter how often we fall… as long as we get up, we’re okay.

You taught me that no-one intentionally makes bad decisions… at the time they seem right and I’ll never forget that.

As a five year old you knew what it meant to be “born again”. As a seven year old you went out evangelising on the streets with friends who’d be the “on-duty translator” for that day. At eight, they wanted you to skip classes and you became the youngest of your high school class. At 15 you were the first one to successfully complete the Royal Air-force exam as the only teenager enrolled and I couldn’t be more proud of you!

Thank you for being who you are and allowing me to love you as I do.

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