Time to Let Go

When is it time to let go? When have you endured enough? When is it time to move on? At what point do we finally learn to listen to our heart and get rid of the toxic that poisons our sense of peace on a daily basis?  I have long struggled with these thoughts. So when is it time… to let go and let God?

By the end of 2017, I decided that enough is enough. My time had come to step up and choose for me, myself and I. My happiness… my joy… my life… For years on end, I had allowed people in my life to put me down, degrade me, drag me along, take me for granted and count me irrelevant. No more. That was it. Back then, I didn’t know yet how to accomplish my newly set goal, but this time, I promised myself, I was going to stick with it!

I started by deleting ‘unhelpful’ characters from my life. Moving on, I gradually created more time for myself. Dressed how I wanted to dress, wore my hair the way that made me feel good. Stopped thinking about how others perceive me. Decided to no longer respond to things that don’t matter and ignored my urge to please others at all costs. There’s a time, a place and a season for everyone and everything, and I accepted that there are people who are there for just a season only, and that is fine. My purpose in their lives could also be one for just season. We learn and we live. No hard feelings, life has just moved on and that is okay. One can love from a distance and although, at times, it was painful or sad, the feeling of reassurance and relaxation following my decision to ‘let go’ is priceless. You know… when your life is full of the inessential, how can you ever make room for the indispensable?

After letting go, I opened the door to so many blessings… I am full of love, intense joy,  inner peace and pure bliss, it’s almost unimaginary . We’re almost two years later and I can’t be more thankful for being willing and able to release myself from the unnecessities of life.

I found love, I found peace and I found joy immeasurable.


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