I wake up and your absence is obvious, it is the first day of a new working week and I know I should count myself lucky that I only have to miss you 10 days at max. This week will be different… you’ll be back home in three days and I’m excited, because my days without you feel like a coat without buttons… you know it’s yours and you consider yourself blessed to have it, but you miss the full blown benefits because its purpose isn’t complete.

Vividly, I remember the first day I saw you. You’d seen me before but hadn’t said anything… now it was my turn… my big mouth and loud behaviour earned me your love. My bold approach must’ve knocked you off-guard but it worked!

Little did I know, God had been working on my prayers for a lifetime, and it must’ve driven him crazy as I kept repeating the same request… “Please God, give me a man who loves me for who I am. A man who know’s how to enjoy life and knows how to have good fun. A strong man who’s man enough to conquer my stubborn little self, yet knows how to appreciate my input without giving in. One who loves the outdoors and enjoys nature as it is. One who isn’t afraid to go out camping and finds pleasure in going for a long walk in the parks. One who knows how to handle a strong woman with an opinion, without feeling offended. One who is faithful, honest and loyal…”

He gave me you.

You are everything I ever dreamed of, and then some. You make me laugh till I wet myself. You make my heart melt with the sweet things you say. You make me feel on top of the world by treating me like a queen and you know how to make me shut up when it is enough (Sa rauta na vosa… my very first Fijian sentence I learned LOL) You laugh when I’m annoyed and you always know how to cheer me up when I’m sad. You listen when I have something to say (even though you often don’t even seem to remember what I said, but at least you give me a ‘listening’ ear when I need it most)

Never have I met a more respectful man than you. The hard work you put in, just to provide for our family makes me speechless (and you know how difficult that is). The twinkle in your eyes when you look at me makes me weak in the knees and reading your messages turn my day into a brilliant one!

We are total opposites; your roots are in a village of a few thousand, in the highlands of Fiji; mine are in the second largest city of the Netherlands. You’re tall and I am a shorty. You’re calm, cool and collected; I am loud, feisty and stubborn. You rather be quiet and observe; I am talkative and full of energy… yet, we have so many things in common.

It’s so easy to love you and it is a joy to submit to you. You make it a pleasure to be led by you and to take care of you, just like you take care of me and I thank God every day for allowing our paths to cross.

For you my love, I have waited a life-time. Your only flaw…?

I wished you entered my life years and years ago…

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